NFL Draft Day


The Pros Preparing Us for Fantasy Football and the Trash Talk That Comes with Each Season

The Pro Draft – Getting Paid the “Big Bucks”

Trash Talk Trophy by Awesome Sports Awards

(2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photo by Mitchell Leff for Getty Images:

The NFL Draft wrapped up recently and got us pumped for the upcoming sports season. Some teams made big gains and others, it seems, threw their money away. But, only time will tell which drafting pros made the most strategic moves. After all, they get paid the big bucks to make these calculations, even if their choices seem odd at times. Watching the sports elites plot, scrutinize, and meticulously play the drafting game gets us pretty excited about our upcoming Fantasy Football Draft and the awesome sports awards that come with it.

The Commish

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the 2017 Draft

(NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the 2017 Draft in Philadelphia. Photo by Getty Images:

We all know that Awesome Sports guy; the guy who starts the daily countdown to football season the day after the Big Game. Most of us probably also know him as our Fantasy Football League Commissioner, as it seems the two “types” are synonymous. We can certainly call him the Superfan. He’s got a really fancy draft board with brackets (that he has been assembling for months, possibly with some help from his Pinterest-enthusiast wife). This guy also has his favorite players’ jerseys laid out on Draft Day, just in case a wardrobe change is necessary.

The Big Game Trophy by Awesome Sports Awards

What other quirk cracks us up about this guy? He wants you to pay your buy-in months in advance to make sure that you secure your spot in his prestigious league. And because he’s been eyeballing The Big Game Trophy on the Awesome Sports Awards website and needs to get it ordered in time to show everyone what they’re playing for come Draft Day.  

He’s right though; this Lombardi-style trophy is a pretty awesome sports award. The early buy-in is totally worth it if you get to take home this beauty. Trust us, the “Commish” (aka Superfan) thinks that this bad boy is still going to be sitting on his mantle come the end of the season (he told us so when he placed the order). It’s up to you and the other league members to make sure that isn’t the case.

The Fantasy Draft – Real Competition or Just Trash Talk?

Trash Talk Trophy by Awesome Sports Awards

While there are many Superfan participants in Fantasy Leagues, there are also plenty of trash talkers; those who show up mainly for the teenie weenies and nacho platters, and likely don’t know much when it comes to stats. Of course they’ll talk a big sports game all season long, but rarely do they deliver a win. At Awesome Sports Awards, we have several trophies intended just for these guys. These trophies are our favorite because they bring humor and fun back into the game.

Golden Toilet Seat Plaque by Awesome Sports Awards

If you’re going to have an awesome trophy like The Big Game to pass along to the big winner(s) each season, why not have one to document the losers’ legacies as well? The Toilet Bowl seat is a perpetual plaque that the league can “honor” the worst loser with each year. Doesn’t the thought of engraving your buddies’ names into the hole of a toilet seat give you a great chuckle? Just so no one gets butt-hurt however (pun intended), we’ve made this a golden throne –  so really, they should feel like royalty.

Awesome Sports Awards has got plenty of losers’ trophies to go around. Take the crap talk directly to the outhouse with the Outhouse Bobble Head Trophy, featuring a set of pantless legs below the bobbling building. You can also tell those same crap talkers to “flush it” with The Flusher resin trophy. This trophy features the entire toilet bowl in a golden finish, and has offers a disc on the seat lid that will feature our original FFL logo, or artwork of your choosing. For the TRASH talkers, there’s a trophy by the same name with stately, golden adornments (pictured above), as well as a more playful version with bendy arms and legs, shown here.

Trash Talk Trophy by Awesome Sports Awards

Thinking back on those professional drafters and some of the moves they just made… well, the Pepe Pee-ew Fantasy Football Trophy may be best-suited for them. We know quite a few NFL fans who are ready to send this cute little skunk figure mounted on a stately black base to their team’s pro leaders, because that draft left a lot of people feeling skunked.

It’s All In Good Fun, Jackass

Jackass Trophy by Awesome Sports Awards

Professional and fantasy drafters alike should recognize that it is a game, and sometimes regrettable moves are made. Unfortunately, the pros might lose a job over making too many bad moves. But, rather than decommissioning the biggest loser next season, perhaps you get him The Jackass Bobble Bum Trophy. This will serve as a reminder that he should study up before next season, and it will keep the game light and humorous for your league. Whether you take home The Big Game Trophy, have your name added to The Toilet Bowl Champions Plaque, or get awarded for being the biggest jackass, our team at Awesome Sports Awards reminds you that Fantasy Football is meant to be FUN!