Basketball Never Stops


A Predictive Summer League

Although we’re several months away from regular season play, the NBA Summer League is underway. Did your basketball team make good picks and trades in the past couple of months? Many of the fresh-out-of-college newbies have been trying to show off what they’ve got for playing time in October.

Basketball and basketball sneaker trophy

By the time summer is over, you should probably have a good gist of where your team and the rest of the league will stand. This means, you’re finally going to win your fantasy league this upcoming year. For you fantasy basketball commissioners, are you trying to get more players to join in? Awesome Sports Awards has a great assortment of awards, from stately to participation to funny, that are sure to lure people in.

Ballers, Basketballs, and Bobble Heads

Awesome Sports Awards has an assortment of basketball trophies starting with male and female figurines. Maybe your fantasy league is all-girls or all-boys. Highlight that aspect with a bronze basketball player in a layup or dunking pose. It’ll feel like you put in the work to win a real-life tournament.

For those players who tried their best but didn’t quite come on top, get a participation award that’s a step up from a gold star. Awesome Sports has a cute Cartoon Basketball award that features a humanized basketball holding a gold trophy and a basketball. Yep, a basketball holding a basketball. It really screams: you tried!

Participation trophy of basketball holding a basketball on top of a star

Now for the real winners, there are two great options perfect for a fantasy basketball league. First is the basketball bobble head trophy. Trophies themselves are awesome to receive. Plop a bobble head on top of one and you’ve got an even better award. Mounted on a stately black base, the Basketball Bobble Head is silver with gold detailing and a bright orange basketball head. This is the type of award you’d brag about to your friends (and of course, everyone in your league who will go home empty handed).

Trophy of a bobble head dribbling a basketball on top of a big black base

Last but not least is the Copper Armchair Fantasy Basketball Trophy. This is the trophy of your fantasy basketball league dreams. A large statue of a basketball player sitting in an armchair with a remote control is mounted atop a stately black base. It’s a spitting image of the league’s winner. This prize alone will help convince people to join your league over others.

Trophy with a copper basketball armchair figurine on top of a big black base

Is it an Accomplishment to be the Worst of the Worst?

In any sports league, fantasy or not, there is always that one person who is all talk and no action. The player that likes to talk themselves up and have nothing to show for it. It’s that player who deserves one of the following awards: the Garbage Can Trophy, the Trash Talker Trophy, the Jackass Bobble Bum Trophy, the Outhouse Bobble Trophy, the Flusher Trophy, or the Pepe Pee-ew Trophy. They look exactly like what they’re called and they are perfect for the mouthiest person in your league.

Why not award the worst player in your league? I’m sure the number one trash talker would love the recognition and the trophy that comes with it.

Jack ass trophyTrash can trash talk trophy

Pepe Pee-ew Trophy The flusher fantasy sports trophy

Don’t Forget About College Basketball

As the NBA season grows nearer and nearer, it means that the college basketball season is also approaching. Are you already thinking about who will make it to the big dance? Spruce up your already existing league or get people to join your new league with an awesome trophy. With the NBA league and NCAA tournament going at the same time, there will be two trophies to win for the same sport!

Female figurine basketball player trophy